Contributions for Yocto 2.1 ?>

Contributions for Yocto 2.1

This is a second post regarding my toaster contribution. I would like to share my contributions to toaster for 2.1 yocto release. Before I start my contribution, I would like to share that hob has been removed from bitbake repo. Hence toaster remains the “only” UI for user to trigger builds and what not. For 2.1 below are my contributions: 1)Removed an API ( probably the last API of hob? ) from bitbake repo. 2) Worked on supporting unicode chars…

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How I got involved with Toaster ?>

How I got involved with Toaster

I work for Mentor Graphics. For my routine tasks bitbake command plays a vital role. Below is a small glimpse of how I landed up working on Toaster and how it matters a lot to me. Let me rewind a bit. John Cherry who was leading MEL, visited India, Bangalore during 2015, to meet our small team. I got a chance to have a discussion with him. During our discussion, I mentioned about my past experience with FOSS community and…

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Akademy Days 2014 ?>

Akademy Days 2014

This was my first akademy and it meant a lot to me 🙂  I would love to share the snaps I had taken before I write down further. Here is the link from flickr( It was my immense pleasure to meet many people around the conference. I remember the first day where I was so shy to talk to people gathered around at RedHat office in the evening. And Adriaan de Groot helped me out :). First two days were…

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Akademy 2014 ?>

Akademy 2014

Akademy 2014 is going to be held at Brno University of Technology. This is the first akademy I am going to attend. Its been 5 years that I had been involved with the community and been with it during my good and bad times. I thank KDE e.V for sponsoring my travel and giving me an opportunity to meet community members. I share a kool hug to all community members and KDE e.V 🙂  

Plasma Media Center 1.3 beta release with openSUSE 13.1 ?>

Plasma Media Center 1.3 beta release with openSUSE 13.1

On 3rd June 2014, Plasma Media Center 1.3 beta was released. This post is for openSUSE users to get Plasma Media Center work on their machine. Nothing much change have been observed from the package installation mentioned here. In case if you are not able to play songs or videos, then my suggestion would be to install the multimedia codecs from here. You can download Plasma Media Center from here. Follow the README file carefully to install Plasma Media Center…

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