A journey to Trivandrum

It was 10 P.M. Well Amritha Expres had arrived. It was also
shabarimala season. I was along with one of my junior’s
Mr.Santhosh (Who got placed in Huawie). Well as i mentioned
before about the shabarimala season, it was difficelt for
me to get into the train. And i got seated along with santhosh.
It was a remarkable journey which made me to think as if i
am studying in the college. Well we tried to extract those
nostalgic days. And i started to ask him about his class.
And then i came to know about a person in his class(well not
intrested to mention his name), who was really suffering from
the burden, due to the cost of study, for engineering. And
i came to know that this guy use to work for wages during
saturday and sunday. With that money he use to go to college.
Well it really made my heart really weak. Because most of
the software engineers working in India who are earning
20,000 and above a month dont know the drastic situation of
our country. Try to see the faces of poor when you go to sleep.
It’s then u realize that u are so lucky. Well i have a plan
in my mind to help atleast one man. Well which would remove
the sins that i had done in my short span of life. Now
i pray for those students, as if i couldnt help,because
of the salary i am getting is not enough to help them.
So it’s my humble request to those who are really enjoying
the IT Boom to help such students. We engineers should have
social commitment too.

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