Chotta Alzhimers and a Mathra

After watching the malayalam movie “Thanmaathra” from the theater i went to
my room. Since i saw the movie of 9.30 P.M, the movie ended at 12 A.M.Well
when i went to sleep i wasn’t able to. What was the problem? Well some words
were echoing in my ear. A man with thick mustache sitting in a chair shaking
his legs and a gentle smile on his face talking about Sreekrishnapuram
batch students about their memory. Well the problem with the students was
that they were not able to recollect the things that were taught in the previous
class( Though the reason i find was – they dint read the area covered by the
teacher). Well he told students that this is not the time forgetting things.
Now the picture was clear and i could remember that he (The man) none other
than Mr.Pramode.C.E, My Linux Guru who had helped me a lot and with the help
of him am getting my bread and butter via FSF India. Well don’t laugh on sreekrishnapurians!
This is a general case. People forget a lot of things in their daily life.
They can’t even remember what they had with the Iddili or Dosa- i mean Sambar
or what keraliates called “Chammandi”. Well this is what the new generation
is seeing and trying to imitate. Please try to think at least for a while
what happened in your life today. For the time being you may not be able to
recollect a few, leave them since its only a beginning. After 2-3 months see the
difference. This was the Manthra that my Linux Guru told. And unfortunately a
few are following. Hope every one will follow this mental exercise.

This is one of the remedy for the chotta alzhimer. Pluck it from the beginning.

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