Foregot 26th January!!!

Hi friends hera am again with another intresting incident that happened
with me in Trivandrum railway station. Well the day before yesterday i
went to trivandrum railway to get a ticket i was little nervous of getting
the ticket because in the office when i went through the indian-railways
site i found only 5 tickets remaining. And when i was about to fill the form
2 ladies came near me and they started to fill the form. Well they now started
to ask each other what to enter in the date column. Well they were confused.
Finally after filling the form i just looked at those ladies. They were ofcourse
good looking. They asked me frankly “what was todays date?”. Well it was my
crooked mind which made me to ask them tomorrows date. Now they started to
stare at me. I told them i will give u a clue. Then i asked them when was the
Republic Day. Now this made them really in trouble. And it took them nearly
2 minutes to recall from their memory-Jan 26th.Now i started to think that
if Indians couldn’t remember the pecularity of Jan 26th then we should be
ashamed of ourselves.Wearing tight jeans and using all the costumes available
from the shops and not remembering the importance of Jan-26th and Ag-15th
etc. wouldnt make u an Indian. Have all the things u need but try to remember
these days. Try to respect those people because of whom u,now, have the freedom
to think, freedom to live, freedom for doing all naughty things. So be an
Indian and be proud to be an Indian, Because we are all Indians.

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