GDB Stub

Am currently showing my work of interest in ‘gdb’. One of the famous debugging tool of GNU. Hope that i could complete the assigned project. After a long time am writing a blog in journal. The football fever is over for me. And am currently suffering from “GDB – Fever”.

Hey let me share an interesting piece of information that i got yesterday. I provided an executable form of information in the host machine and surprisingly (for me ) it was executed in the server.

Let me unwind the secret. You all must be familiar with the gdb. How many of you are familiar with ‘gdbserver’. Yeah the ‘gdbserver’ helped me to execute the file in the remote machine. Please go through the manual of the gdbserver. Well it had helped me to find a single step solution for my project.

In the $ prompt just type “man gdbserver”. The details are there. Else go through the link as shown below:

Hope that my blog reader’s would try it.

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