Dont know what it is….

Yesterday i went for a marriage party( of my neighbor’s). Well the light arrangement really amazed me!!! Why? I saw rows and columns of CD’s arranged in the roof where the night bulb was hung in the central hole of the CD. Of-course the night made me feel as if I was in the ‘Disco Bar’.

Many of them do not know how difficult to discover the technology. Especially when floppies had eaten the time of a programmer and user the CD’s had removed the burden to really a good extend. One day Hiran told me that CD’s are also used to fly the crow away from home. The glare which comes when the light falls on the illuminating area of the CD, the crow flies away. My god if people living in my country could have spent a little time in the hardware or the software area then the country should not beg for the outsourced work……

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