Second Entry

This article is entirely written for my teacher. Yah it was because of him am here, it was because of him I wrote two articles for SEMAPHORE. And what not. There are lot of teachers in India. But I dont know how many of them are teachers in real sense. Once my mother asked me,”Why couldnt you work as a Guest Lecturer in your college?”. I smiled and replied,”Amma, anyone can not become a teacher. Wearing a saree and standing in front of students doesnt make you a teacher(In case of women). If you want to become a teacher, your voice should reach everywhere. I mean each and every wall should listen you. And each and every student must understand what your ideas are.”

So according to me teaching is an art. And you are not supposed to spoil an art. You are playing with future generation if you don’t enjoy the art of teaching. My teacher enjoys when he expresses his ideas to his student.

It was because of him that my second article was published in SEMAPHORE.

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