Free Software Day

Free Software Day! The name that I could suggest for the program that we ( I along with Hiran ) are going to conduct in my college. Yesterday one of the lecturer asked me to give the whole detail about the program. So I had mailed him today. The presentation slide and the contents are given to Praveen ( one of my close friend ). He will verify it and send me the reply. I called one of my juniors in the college. He told me that they would like to name me as a GNU Volunteer. I have told them that I have no issues with it. Should I take this as my first appreciation? I am little nervous. My junior told me that there will be some 100 plus students for the program. The other thing that made me more excited is the “Invitation Letter”, getting distributed. I thought that this event would be a small one. And I was worried about how to let the students know about the program??? Now all the worries about the program are over. Let the mission gets accomplished in a good manner.That’s the only dream I have in my mind now!!!

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