Saddest moment

The saddest moment that I had last week was, I missed the
GNUers meeting. I woke up early morning and was thinking
about how many people will be there. Any how I convinced
my self with a round number of 12. The meeting was at 3 PM.
I had my lunch and was impatient. At times I even thought to
rotate the needle of the watch and make it 3. Huuhhh.. There
were 2 calls from morning by Praveen -“Varumbol Etchinte CD
konduvaranam”(Meaning -:When you come for the meeting please
bring the etch CD). The CD was already in my bag when the GNUer
called me. How can I forget that. Again at 2.30 my mobile rang.
I was so enthusiastic to say yah I will be there by 3. Humm the
person was wrong. It was a call from the office. Now its time for
me to go to the office. And do some work. I became mad for a moment.
Did my job and decided to go to Praveens house to give the CD at 8 PM.
But Praveen told he will come to my home. And I got a snapshot of the
discussion held. But that didn’t satisfied me…

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