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Saturday I reached Palakkad, my home town along with my friend Praveen. We had a meeting in Kottamaithanam for PLUS. There were more than 10 participants for the meeting. It was nice to see the smile on the faces of the moderators of PLUS because the number of participants had increased. There were 4 guys (me, Hiran, Praveen and Anivar) with the Debian T-Shirts.My friend Mobin was also there along with his friends. The discussion started with how we got into the Free Software. Everyone gave a good introduction. I was shocked when I saw santhosh. Because for the Foss meet@ NITC we were traveling in the same bus to reach NITC. And I didn’t knew that he was Mr.Dhwani. Students got at least motivated to use Debian. We had students from GEC Palakkad too. Till afternoon the discussion went on with GNU GPL. And some interesting news was also discussed, like : Robert love is going
to resign from Novel.

Jinesh came very late for the meeting. He had already informed Hiran that he will be late. He sponsored the lunch for us. Now after the lunch we went on with the future of PLUS. Finally we decided to concentrate on schools and colleges like Victoria. Victoria college is an arts and science college. Again the discussion continued with GSOC(Google summer of Code). Each student who came there gave the update of what he had done.

I had really enjoyed the meeting. It was so nice to meet Riyaz and Santhosh. Some GNU names were assigned to the participants(like GNUtt). I was really made speechless when Anivar was reading my blog loudly with Festival,Last weekend.

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anonymousMay 7th, 2007 at 12:01 pm

PLUS…a cool, positive name buddy !

sujith_hMay 7th, 2007 at 12:13 pm

Yes really its a cool name!!! Pleas read RMS message in

vivek_bMay 8th, 2007 at 2:46 am


anonymousMay 17th, 2007 at 4:09 pm

1. Windows is a complete operating environment. LINUX?
2. Windows has a single, what common people need interface. Linux?
3. Users are free to choose among many commercially available or free GUI X-Window interfaces Linux?
4. Windows has one general GUI interface which has served many millions of people and works for many millions of different applications. The Mac (another successful consumer OS) is similar; one general GUI works across all Mac applications. Why is Linux different?
5. I can feel your temper, but man the average user doesn’t know—or care—about the underlying operating system, the idea of GUI interfaces, the various types of file systems, or about any other “technical” aspect of using a computer. How much time should users spend exploring these different GUIs before they find the one that’s “right”—and works with all their applications?

anonymousMay 18th, 2007 at 6:27 pm

Who windows become a complete os? an os essentaily reqiures a compiler, where its in the windows? The GUI, text editor, image editor, sample games, mediaplayer and internet browser – will never make an OS complete! Windows is based on a single user, single process idea and never requires a complex instruction manner, and to do a mutiple process at the same time it fails. The third point seems to be a postive statement, selection and choice will result only in development : think about it. Who said you that what the windows is doing is the standard or the general one? Its merly your belief. The vista is having high quality icons, strechable icons, transperent pannel, analog clock, which are just the copy from the exsisting GUIs in GNU platform. What you do for a decade is never the right thing, if so please stop using the emails and sms…

Hiran Venugopalan

anonymousMay 21st, 2007 at 8:37 am

Hi Friend,

Why you are so irritated?
Just try to understand what an OS should be.
If the computer and its +ves are only meant for High level people, then you are right man
But is it Ok for you? Do you mean the technology and its benefits should concentrate on the high level only?
For me, the technology which cannot help common people and can not use by common people like me is SIMPLY WASTE
Try to answer to the questions.. Don’t be scattered man
Be cool.. Open WINDOWS.. Fresh air may help you
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Maneesh Narayanan
Project Engineer
Wipro Technologies
B’lore -100

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