GPLV3 Mania

The day before yesterday I went to hear Eben Moglen’s talk in St.Josephs college. He gave more emphasis on community.
Which is true otherwise we couldn’t have the strong Kernel(aka Linux) running in our machine. I am trying to write the
transcript of the talk by this weekend. Of course I should finish it before yasj’s marrige!!! Else I would spent time on writing the transcript. Yesterday though I was bit late to reach IISC(aka Tata Institute of Technology). There were 4-5 contributors
to listen Eben’s talk. I had met Gopal, Shreyes and Tejas. The talk was about GPLV3. This post won’t be enough for me to express the whole content. But I would post the transcript of the St.Josephs college talk.

Hey I forgot to tell you that I had asked a question to Eben. The question was as follows: “India is a developing country. We have lot of small companies which are ready to provide their software as services. But most of top levels in the company are not willing to release the code that the programmers had written. Even though they may use GNU tools. So how can we find a remedy for this? And apart from that people even think that Sun released their code after many years of their existance  in the Software and Hardware industry. Indian companies even fear that when they release the code the others may hack it and the third party would earn money from it!!!”

He replied :-“We have to take some examples in the industry how they had grown up. And give them the support and confidence to release the code.” Well apart from that he told several other things. And told me to mail him about a company I know!!!! I really enjoyed the discussion.

Here is the photo taken in St.Joseph’s college!!!

Its me in the GNU/Linux T-shirt(white in color) and jeans.


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