My friends marriage

Last sunday I was in kerala went to attend the marriage of my friend Mr.Joj(former teacher). On sunday I along with my best friend Nikhil went in search for the Arnattukara Church(Arnattukara Palli). On the way we saw a huge Church. Nice crowd was there. Nikhil told me,”Suji I think this is the church”. I had no clue. So I went into the Church but Joj’s name was not there ( He is the bridegroom). Oh there starts the confusion. Now I went to the watchman and asked whether joj’s marriage was going on in this Church. But he told us we have to go again 2 km’s from there!!!

Atlast we reached in the Arnattukara Church. Well the function was going on and we couldn’t meet him in the church. Atlast I told Nik,”Hey lets move on and ask Bejoy whether we could meet joj”. I met Bejoy and asked him. Bejoy with his typical smile replied,”Budhimuttanu”(its difficult). So he told us to have the lunch in the Casino Hotel.

We moved there. The lunch was really Gorgeous. Now after 1 hour Mr.Joj came to the hotel along with his Wife. We met him. And he told us to be there for the photo session. And during the photo session we were asked to stand down. But when we did so, the table which was kept there had to be moved. And when I moved the small table the glass which contained some liquid felt over bride’s dress(a little). It made me really ashame. Sorry joj it was not an intentional one!!!

Now its me and Nik. Who will get married first? Nik says he will. Now I don’t have anything to say. Lets wait and see.

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mobin_mJune 16th, 2007 at 8:24 pm

You will get married first. 🙂

sujith_hJune 18th, 2007 at 12:57 am

Humm I don’t know what to say now!!!

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