Yah for the first time in my life someone raised voice against me saying,”EE Pakistaniye veettil ninnum purathaakkooo”(Meaning :Throw away this pakistani from our home). I was one among those Indians who was proud when India gave its first try for ‘avacs’, I was one among those Indians who was pround when India won the Kargil war, I was one among those Indians who was proud when India won hockey matches against strong nations, I was one among those Indians who was proud when India launches every SLV or PSLV or GSLV. Still one thing haunts me, yesterday my friends called me Gaddar, because I didn’t showed any respect for the game, I was neutral to both sides.

Yesterday the discussion even went to democracy. Yah I am proud about one thing in spite of all the curruption that is happening in India still the momentum for growth is happening, still the system goes on in a balanced state.

Its so pathetic that living in India for more than 24 years when people call you pakistani. It hurts a lot. I can’t control my emotions. But I have to forcefully stop this post right now. Those words will always be echoed where ever I may go through India.

For supporting Indias growth in Science and Technology and lots of other fields I earned a good nickname, GADDAR.

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vivek_bSeptember 27th, 2007 at 8:28 pm

Hey, that’s so silly of you..

Pakistani ennu vilichal ithreyum vishamamo??? We all know you are a true Indian.. 🙂

sujith_hSeptember 27th, 2007 at 11:21 pm

Haavu aashwaasam aayi… Oraalengilum enne manassilaakkiyallo…:) And by the way aa situationil neeyum koode undaakendathaayirunnu, ennal ninakkum manassilaayene… Anyway past is past…

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