Samba Rocks

Today Justin and I were discussing about the reverse engineering technique that was used to develop the Samba. How difficult it would, to look at the signal and wait for the errors and then analyze the process. Yah samba developers had followed a good methodology to bring up such a great package which would help the gnu/linux users to copy the data from windows to gnu/linux and vice versa. So now onwards before I would use Samba in my achu, I will definitely think about the painful effort taken by Andrew Tridgell (One of the samba developers) who gave us the information about samba development and other developers too.


Note:-  After reading this document I came to realize how mankind is getting exploited by the M$. Some how I feel Love and data transfer are related to each other. When you love some one then you need to transfer the data (to and fro), you might need a good interface like Samba. Yes!!! If you are in love with a M$ lady then samba like interfaces(I don’t know in the real world how’s that going to happen) will help you to transfer the data. But make sure that the ports 139 and 445 are opened for her to transfer so that you could mount her mobile number.

Raathriyil sambaye ithilum nannayi upamikkan thonniyilla…:)

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anonymousOctober 22nd, 2007 at 3:26 pm

Nalla upama..


sujith_hOctober 22nd, 2007 at 9:47 pm

Thank u… Neril kaanumbozhalle pennungalumaayi samsaarikkan enikku chammal varaarullathu. Ingane aakumbol prashnamilla…:)

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