A Valentine day in the college

Today the date is Feb 14. I couldn’t forget the date for many reasons. Let me get those sweet memories from my mind.

It was 2005 Feb 14th, the final year B.Tech in the college. I was the class rep for 3 years (My fate). Ms.X came to me and told,”Sujithe enthonnu class aanu nammude oru ochayum behalavum onnum illallo???” As usual I woke from my world and replied,”Ocha vechaal ninte vaayayil njaan fevicol ozhikkum. Enikku vayya HOD de vaayayil irikkunnathu kelkkan”. I never knew that she was pointing towards the date. Again she tried to make me understand with a “magical touch”,”Edo suji njaan udheshichathu Feb 14th ne pattiyaanu. Ini athinte prathyekatha ariyillengil njaan paranju tharaam Valentines day!!! Innu kamithaakkalkkulla divasam aanennokke parayum”. I was shocked. And replied gently “X-e kamithaakkalkku ella divasavum valentine day alle pinne Feb 14th nu maathram enthu prathyekatha”
X -: “Sujithe ithil kooduthal enikku parayaan pattilla… :(”
Me -: “Ok ok, so njaan enthaanu vendathu???”
As if I didn’t knew what to do. But I liked to listen from her.
X -: “Ithra neram oru card-engilum expect cheythirunnu”
I really saw her shining eyes…
I decided to give her a card.

The pre lunch session was over and I went to a shop. I asked the shopkeeper,”Chetta oru card venam”.
Shopkeeper -: “Ivide ulla cardukal nokki thiranjedukkooo”
This was for first time in my life I was going to give a card to a girl that too on Feb 14th. Huhh…
Me :- “Ente ponnu chetta ee card aanu enikku ishtapettathu ithu njaan edukkan theerumaanichoo”

I am like that. I don’t like to spent time in a shop purchasing an item for more than 20 minutes. Nowadays before purchasing an item I spent time in the Internet to see the reviews and then decide. But my nature didn’t changed.

Then I thought a card is not enough I need a flower too. This is also for the first time. Huhh.
Me -: “Chetta aarodum parayalle.. Ee friends-nu kodukkanulla poovu ethu nirathinte aanu???”
Shopkeeper with a gentle smile :-“Yellow undu white undu. Red saadharana friendsnu kodukkarilla.”
Ok so out of 3 colours 1 is out. Now I had to decide whether Yellow or White.

I thought for a second and took yellow(I took a chance)

I had a good lunch and got back to the class.

Me -:”X-e thaan vishamikkanda. Njaan thanikku oru rose poovum oru cardum kondu vannittundu.”

If she wouldn’t had taken it, the place of the card and flower would be there in the basket or I would had thrown out of the window.

X -: “So sweet…. ”

I thought for a while did she really liked the flower or card or both!!! How could my selection be so good. My mom had
never appreciated for the dress that I select for myself.

X continued -: “Sujithe enikku ee card valare valare ishtapettu ketto… Nalla vaachakangal nalla bhaavanayaanallo sujithinu”.

For a moment I thought I reached heaven. But then I thought is she making fun of me???

Me -: “Sathyam??? Kaliyaakkanalle paranjathu???”

X -: “Alla sathyam. sathyamayittu…. Ippozhum enne vishwaasam ille. “.

Me -: “Ok ok I belive you”

What a moment it was.

The post lunch class started. I was not at all interested in the class. I was watching her. She was looking at the flower.
And the card was floating around with her hostel mates. When she looked at me I turned my head and I was listening to the class. But at the same time the whole class came to knew that I gave her a card and a flower.

I didn’t bothered about the my classmate who is much stronger than me, who was following her for the past 2 years.

When the class was over X came to me,

X -: “Enikku 2 varsham seniors cards thannittundu. But flower + card package thaan aanu thannathu. Enikku randum ishtamaayi”

I was speechless.

I got back to home and told my mom everything happened. She was surprised to hear when X liked my selection. I have the freedom to discuss everything with my mom. So this was really a small thing to discuss with her.

The next day when I reached the college her room mates started to make fun of me,”Mmmm nadakkatte nadakkatte”.

But poor girls they didn’t knew that either I haven’t given a hint to her nor she.

She was ready to give a treat for the “package” that I gave her. It was lunch break and I told her I needed a fabulous lunch.

X :- “That’s it…”
Me :- “Yup”

We had the lunch together…..

Of course she was good looking girl.

But now she is married. She got a good husband.

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vivek_bDecember 31st, 1969 at 4:00 pm
anonymousFebruary 14th, 2008 at 11:06 pm

Write in english or in malayalam. Why you are making such a stupid attempt by writing in Manglish. Please visit do a serach on Google or some else to know about malayalam computing 🙂

vivek_bFebruary 15th, 2008 at 12:58 am

Nalla Kadha….

You asked for treat back…

I thought I was the most stupid guy when it comes to dealing with girls but you proved me wrong!! 😛

Are you planning to write the story between the lunch and her marriage?? 😀

Apart from joke: Only first rain brings out the essence of the ground, so is with love, right? (????) [ee pulikaari aano thankal parayarulla adyanuraaga kadhayille nayika?]

anonymousFebruary 15th, 2008 at 12:14 pm

kollam kollam istappettu nadakkatte !!!


sujith_hFebruary 15th, 2008 at 3:01 pm

All theerchayaayum alla. Any way past is in the arabian sea… 🙂

sujith_hFebruary 15th, 2008 at 3:01 pm


envyjackFebruary 19th, 2008 at 7:56 pm

nice memory.. it would be a disgrace to call it a story.. so sticking with ‘memory’. really romantic,considering what usually goes on here..;)

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