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This post should had been made last week. Sorry to post it late. Anyway last week I went to Landmark one of the book shops in “Forum”. I was in search of a book. A cook book. different sections were there fiction, literature blah blah. I felt some how uncomfortable to search there. I asked one of the guy who was there in the enquiry section. He guided me to a place where you could see lot of books regarding cookery. Huh. At last I found one section where perl books where there but I also found python books within that section. A lady who was in search of Java book was there in that section. Then I came to realize most of the books are here and there. No ordering was happening there. But she couldn’t found her book. I could see the sadness in her face. I told her, “I also didn’t got the book. And they guided me to some cookery section”. I told her about Gangaram one of the biggest bookshop in bangalore.

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vivek_bFebruary 3rd, 2008 at 2:48 am

Need some cooking tips?? 😛

Will we read a similar book search in Gangarams (with the same girl)?? 🙂

sujith_hFebruary 3rd, 2008 at 11:51 am

No I haven’t met her after that… The next day I went to Gangaram but I didn’t found the book.

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