Yesterdays report on candle light vigil for document freedom

I along with Justin reached Town Hall(Bangalore) yesterday evening by 6 PM. By the mean time I saw Renuka Prasad with good postures. Kudos to him for his effort. After that I came to know that Praveen had some documents in his pen drive which he wanted to take a print. We searched every look and corner of JC Road, but didn’t got any internet cafe or a shop where we could print those documents. Finally we came back to Town Hall. OOps by that time the crowd was in a range of 30-45. And then I saw KD (Kushal Das). He took a snap of me :). There were students from BMS College and RV college. Santhosh, Madhusudan were the only names that would come in my mind when it comes to BMS College.

The event also included a session for those who don’t know what is OOXML? And hence could clarify with Praveen ,Aniwar and Vikram.

People even came from a slum near Bennerghatta road. They were interested in Free Software because the technology doesn’t stagnate from higher class society to middle class. Kudos to FSUG Bangalore.

Kushal had promised to have a lots of photos uploaded in his flickr. Here is the link.

Kudos to Deepa Kurup, a journalist from The Hindu who came there to discuss with the floks around there for the protest.
A Kannada TV channel also took the video of the protest.

Baiju was sitting near to me during the protest. The interesting thing that I noted was girls for the protest. Which even came in THE HINDU newspaper.

I was surprised by the fact that the crowd was around 71!!!

The protest was over by 7, I belive and we(Praveen, Anivar, Baiju, Justin and me) went to a restaurant and had decent dinner.

This is the report that came in THE Hindu.

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