Trip to Ooty

The day before yesterday Justin came up with a good idea to go to Ooty. So I and Praveen joined him. It was really an awsome experience for all of us. We started our journey at morning 3.30 AM. Travelled through the “Nice Road” and then got into the Bangalore-Mysore road. After a long drive a small halt was made near the Cafe Coffee day. It was nearly 6.30 AM when we reached Mysore. After Mysore we took the Ooty road. On the way we saw a hotel named Malabar Restaurent.

We also went through Bandipur. I got frightened when an elephant came along the road. A car which was in front of us went along his(elephant) side without a fear. The driver was really crazy. By 10.30 we reached the 22 hair pin bend and took a break.

We reached Ooty by 11 AM and went to Botanical garden, which most of the tourist don’t miss.
After spending a few time there we were hungry. We went to a small hotel where we could sit with
common man and have lunch. Then the rain started. We changed the plan to explore Ooty and brought some home made chocolates and tea. During the return journey we took a different route.
The sites were really awsome. When we reached Mysore, we struggled really hard to find the road to bangalore. There was a junction which showed us to go to right, to Bangalore. But when I turned back, after the car took right there was a board which showed direction to bangalore in the opposite direction. Nearly 30 minutes was spent to reach the Bangalore-Mysore road.

At 10.30 PM we had a small dinner at Cafe coffee day and continued our journey. We reached home by 1 AM.

The photos of the Ooty trip are here.

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samMay 15th, 2010 at 3:08 am

wow its really great , one thing i want to say photos yo shared here are all awsome

Ooty TourismNovember 29th, 2011 at 4:00 am

Great info about trip to Ooty,,, Thanks for your valuable article about Ooty

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