I need rain to cool my head

I have been waiting for a long to enjoy rain. Rainy season always brings up nostalgic school days. I forget umbrella in my class room frequently and walk to  home from bus stand enjoying the rain. The next step was to dry the wet books. My grandpa(who is no more with me 🙁 ) had supported me a lot to enjoy the rain. Cold was one of the disease which had caught me through out the rainy season. But now I have no issues.

Playing football and volleyball during rainy season was always fun for me. We had a good ground to play.

If the climate is going to be like this, then for next generation, our past would become a fairy tale. Food prices are also increasing. I think its time to learn how to eat s/w and h/w(just kidding 🙂 ).

After reaching Bangalore I had got a good friend like Pravi, with whom I had enjoyed rain last year. We had walked in the rain for more than 1 hour I believe. I had seen people staring at us. Perhaps they might be thinking, “Are these guys mad to walk in rain!!!”.

My life moves on with nostalgic days!!!

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