CHDK presentation on GNU’s 25th Anniversary

I started my journey from home to Forum and met Ani(Anivar). From there we both went to the college. I think we took 90 minutes to get there. The college was really big. When we reached there the stage was ready for us. Renukaprasad announced the sessions that were going to be held on the stage. There were only two talks: one from the gsoc students and the other was by me.

The gsoc students were Madhusudan and Santhosh from BMSCE. They made students understand why they participated in GSOC. They didn’t foreget to mention about the people who motivated them to do. A small interest to get the Google Summer of Code T-shirt made them to contribute!!! It was nice if most of the students had these interests.


Anivar was listening to the talk and was trying to convice me, not to get nervous for my talk. I wasn’t prepared as such. I knew only the things I did and the basic testing I had done on CHDK.

Next Renukaprasad called me to have talk on the stage. Well I moved with my laptop bag and my hacking tool-kits (a canon camera, a usb card reader and a battery charger) on to the stage. I could hear some students laughing. Well that might be because of my dressing(which I don’t bother to look at. I had worn the T-Shirt, where at the back it was printed,"Say no to software patents" ), or for my thick beard,mustache and long hair. After taking a long breath I told them how I came to knew about this project. I didn’t forget to mention Pramode sir,slashdot and Pravi. Since the crowd was large(around 70-80), I passed my camera to the students to see how the scripts were running in the camera. I had noticed that a few students were excited, seeing the output of the script in my cam. It was a big time relief for me. I gave them the basic idea of compilation and installation. I didn’t forget to mention the link of my linux gazette article.

Since we were there to celebrate GNU project’s 25th Aniversary, I had stressed on the word freedom. Yah I have the freedom to hack my camera using this firmware. At times I felt I will fall down(I slept on saturday morning 5 A.M and woke up at 9 A.M) during my talk. I had mentioned the capabalities of taking raw pictures in my camera and controlling the shutterspeed using scripts. I had told them that I could take snaps at regular intervals using my script. There are two scripting languages supported in CHDK: lua and UBasic. I made more emphasis on lua, as it is the hot topic in the IRC and the discussion forum. I had shown them that you could play games in your camera. The motivation from my side, which I felt was good enough for the students to participate in the project.

After the talk I was surrounded by some 10 students. They started asking more and more about CHDK. I always like to see the enthusiasm(the thirst for the knowledge) in students eyes. I spent around 20 minutes with them. And showed the relevance of CHDK project. Some of them asked me if there were any projects related to Nikon, sony etc. Since I knew only about this project, I kept mum.

After my talk big cake was brought on the stage. And it was distributed to all among the audience.

RV college of Engineering became India’s first college (I believe) to see CHDK and I am happy that I gave a good introduction  about this project.
After the college visit I returned back to Anivar’s home. It was time for me to complete my work on CHDK. I had added a feature addition( which was there in the TODO list of CHDK) to lua in CHDK. The tmpname function in the os library was not yet developed. So I completed the task and uploaded my patch. I had told Reyal about this. He told me that he will review it, once he get time to.

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sreerenjSeptember 30th, 2008 at 8:01 am

wow,One more talk session from the great speaker.!

sujith_hSeptember 30th, 2008 at 11:18 am

I am not a great speaker!!!

vivek_bSeptember 30th, 2008 at 2:39 pm

What the heck dude… What an appearance???!!!! Ithentha RMS aakan ulla paripadi aano… athinu thadi valarthanam ennonnumilla… !!!!

sujith_hSeptember 30th, 2008 at 3:56 pm

Ha ha… Nothing is there in the looks. Its the karma that one has to do. I feel for the time being doing a good karma!!!

I like to grow beard and hair(which i started liking now :)) All this could happen till you get married, I believe. Since the woman to control me(my mom) is @ home, it doesn’t matter…

anonymousSeptember 30th, 2008 at 4:55 pm


congratz on holding that speech in front of this crowd, didnt do this myself yet. also i think this was the biggest display of CHDK in public 🙂 maybe more users and developers now join the community 🙂

regards & greetings from Germany, PhyrePhoX

sujith_hSeptember 30th, 2008 at 5:07 pm

Thanks for your encouragement Phoxy.

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