Hackerdom 2009

I started my journey from Bangalore to Trichur on 8th January. Anivar joined me from Contonment station. I didn’t had a proper sleep on that night. We reached GEC Trichur by 3 AM. We had a good discussion with Hackerdom organisers. Unni was explaining us about the schedule. By 6 AM we( I and Anivar) went for breakfast. Anivar also showed me Bhavana’s( A malayalam film actress) house.

Day 1

We reached the seminar hall, where the inauguration ceremony was to be held, by 10 AM. In the mean there was a news that Krishnakant Mane would attend the inauguration ceremony. Here are some snaps of the inauguration ceremony.

After inauguration RMS’s video was shown. RMS was very happy with the name Hackerdom 🙂 Krishnakanth Mane was the keynote speaker of the event.

There was a healthy audience for the first day.

After the keynote session a break was given to us. I took some snaps of my guru 🙂

Its nice if someone identifies your blog identity. I heared someone calling me core dump. I was shocked. It was a voice of a lady. A lady came to me and told she was hailstone. Then I remembered about her.

After the break the audience gathered in the seminar hall for my talk. There were good audience for my talk. Students from school and PG centre were also there. My session was on Canon camera hacking. I tried my best to tell the audience about the CHDK project. Students asked some good questions too. I was happy for that reason 🙂

Arun from SPACE gave an introduction for the Insight project.

After Arun’s talk, Krishnakanth gave an interesting session to show how he interected with his laptop. He told about the orca project, which had helped him to communicate with his laptop.

Here is Anoop(Gnoop) taking snap of Krishnakanth

I didn’t foregot to take the snap of Juan Charlos too.

The day one hackerdom ended with good memories to cherish. I met a free software lover on that day. His name was Jamsheed(from kozhikkode). My stay was arranged at GEC Men’s Hostel.

Day 2

We(me and Hiran) reached the seminar hall by 10.30 AM. In the mean while Anivar, Abhi( Malayalam wikipedia sysop) and few students from MES college of engineering also joined us.

Second day started with Juan’s talk. He showed us the free software tools which were used to edit and create music.

After his talk it was lunch break. Anoop accompanied me to have a look at the exhibition stall. There were really good stalls. I didn’t foreget to take their snaps too.

In the mean while I met Anjali. Anjali wanted to know my relation with Dora. I gave her a funny reply. Here is her expression after my reply 🙂

There was a demo of stellarium.

At the same time there was a talk on blender. I couldn’t attend that session.Here is the man behind the blender session.

Krishnakanth was looking for me. I met him and we had a good BoF session. In the mean while Anivar and Anoop also joined us. The only thing that made me frustrated was with the hospitality GECian ladies. They stood before us when we were having BoF. Hospitality is good, but it really hurts if someone is standing in front of you for everything. I think its because they don’t know about us. Once they get to know about us, they would never stand before us 🙂 Finally we made them to sit with us.

Here is another BoF(should I call it Birds of Feather 🙂 ) by Krishnakanth.

Girls are helping him to type “I love you” in Telugu 🙂

It was time to show some movies like “Steal this film 2”, “Big buck bunny” etc

After the movie I left to Unni’s room to have a deep sleep.


Day 3 started of with Anoop John and Jaison.

It was an interesting session. We made the audience to talk. After that came Anivar’s session on hacking.

Anivar took interview of Anoop John.

After the lunch Hiran and Anivar did presentation on SMC.

Abhi gave a good session on Malayalam wikipedia.

It was time for the closing ceremony of Hackerdom. All the speakers where given momento of hackerdom. While we were to leave the college, Unni wanted to take a snap with us.

I returned to Bangalore with lot of good days I had in hackerdom. Thanks to Hackerdom organisers.

For more snaps have a look at my flickr.

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PriyaJanuary 12th, 2009 at 4:50 pm

Thanks for the detailed description.. Even we couldn’t attend many of the talk sessions 🙂 Carlos – a very interesting personality.. And Mane – simple and humble..

“They stood before us when we were having BoF” — Adithi devo bhava” ennanallo! 😉 From next time onwards, we wont do that..
I’m really glad to meet you there in our GEC in such an occasion.

sujithJanuary 12th, 2009 at 9:30 pm

Yes Priya, KK is simple and humble. I forgot to write the latenight songs we had with KK. I love the gazal “Chitti aayi hai aayi hai chitti aayi hai” and “Chandi jaisa rang hai tera”, by Pankaj Udhas.

“adithi devo bhava” is good. But I would appreciate when you people would really come in touch with us. Yes, a few of them did in the last day. Thats ok no heart feelings for that because its for the first time GEC Trichur is launching hackerdom.

It was nice meeting you too. You called me “core dump”, I was happy for that. Atleast someone reminds me with my blog identity 😉

Hey you had commented in my blog early morning 😉

VivekJanuary 13th, 2009 at 1:48 am

That’s the first hackerdom report I am seeing..
Missed the show! 🙁

Hope to meet you at NIT .. 🙂

sujithJanuary 13th, 2009 at 2:20 am

@Vivek: I am trying my best to be there at NIT 😉

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./anoopJanuary 13th, 2009 at 7:18 am

Nice report…

here is a small one. 🙂

PraveenJanuary 13th, 2009 at 10:19 am

Thanks for the blog buddy. Keep rocking !!

sujithJanuary 13th, 2009 at 10:53 am

@Anoop: Thanks buddy. I appreciate for the effort you took to take snaps 🙂
@Praveen: Thanks buddy. We missed you a lot 🙁

./anoopJanuary 13th, 2009 at 11:54 pm

And I hope you know the most valuable snap i took for you 😉

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