I reached NIT Calicut campus by 5 PM on Saturday. When I reached there I saw Niyam Bhushan, Pradeepto and Anivar were sitting in the corridor. I joined them. Had discussions like meditation and so on. In the mean while Unni, Hiran and Anoop joined us. After having dinner with Pradeepto and Niyam I went to Vivek’s room. I had a long chat with Vivek and downloaded my slide for the next day.

Sunday I woke up by 7.30 and reached the Aryabhatta hall by 10. After the Openmoko talk Kishore called me. It was my turn. I got into the stage gave my talk. After my talk I went to the Lab where Pradeepto, Madhusudan, Shantanu , Santhosh and Krishna were conducting a Qt workshop. The workshop went really nice. I got the KDE T-shirt from Madhusudan and a KDE Handbook. I couldn’t attend Niyam’s talk since the KDE team was looking for a good lunch 🙂 When we reached the Aryabhatta hall after the lunch it was time for closing ceremony. I joined Madhusudan,Krishna,Santhosh and Shantanu to the Calicut railway station.

To see snaps taken by me, have at look at my flickr.

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VivekMarch 7th, 2009 at 1:57 am


Blogan vendi blogiyathanalle?? 😛


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