Sunday hangout @ BMSCE

Sunday as usual, I woke up at 11.30 AM and washed my clothes. By that time, it was 1.15PM. I had a good lunch with my classmate Prasad. After lunch I went to BMSCE. No particular ajenda was there. Just a hangout with madrazr and Santhosh Vattam. Shantanu had conjunctivitis. He took rest and didn’t joined us. Well as usual the discussions started from GSOC, went around with version controll system(madrazr pointed out mercurial). Yesterday I installed mercurial and git in my notebook. I missed Krishna and Adithya too 🙁 I really enjoy college life than corporate life. I have the right to bunk classes 😉 in college, which I miss a lot after seeing students of BMSCE.

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