Fixed one more bug

Yesterday after compiling KDE trunk I started looking for small bugs which were floating around. Suddenly saw a bug for quicklaunch. If the number of visible icons were set to zero and quicklaunch applet restarted, then one icon will be visible in the applet. The most interesting part was it was a one line change in the code 🙂 Lukas Appelhans told me to commit the patch.

The interesting part was after submitting the patch, I reminded Pradeepto’s talk at FOSSMEET @NITC. He told about bugs which may require only one line change.

I had mentioned an additional feature request in quicklaunch and Lukas Appelhans liked it. I would be mentioning about that it in my next post.

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VivekMay 18th, 2009 at 6:42 pm


Great Man….

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