KDE Project of the day @foss.in/2009 (Day 3)

Day 3(Dec 4 2009) at foss.in will be a memorable day in my life. Let me describe the things happened for the KDE project of the day. The introductory talk started of with Pradeepto. As usual he gave an awesome inspirational/motivational talk.

He reminded me the talk he had given for fossmeet@nitc/2008 through which I started contributing to KDE. After that Prakash Mohan gave a nice talk on how to build KDE. Which was very important from newbie perspective because large number of audience were newbies. Apparently I could see the hall was full of audience who wanted to know about KDE and wanted to start contributing to KDE somewhere. He had explained the custom functions like cmakekde, cs, cb etc which makes our life much simpler.

After the beautiful talk from Prakash Mohan, Pradeepto came out with awesome question. “How did you got into KDE?”. This was the most interesting part. Because everyone had their own stories. Apparently some of them like Akarsh Simha and Shantanu Thushar Jha got into KDE through foss.in. And some others like Prakash Mohan got into KDE from their seniors. I was totally inspired by Pradeepto’s talk at fossmeet @nitc/2008. Pradeepto also explained us how he got into KDE. I thankĀ  Sartaj Singh Kang for giving us such a motivational guy, Pradeepto, founder of KDE India :).

Had awesome lunch with some of the students from Government Engineering College Trichur. Jain Basil( who came to bangalore and stayed with me for all the days till KDE POTD), Sruthi Devi and Vinaya( Who came here for KDE POTD to know about kstars and hack on the project) .

Post lunch session began with Shantanu’s talk on “How to become a good plasma hacker”. He described the fundamental part of plasma. He gave the audience about the basic knowledge about the data engine.

Next talk was delivered by Nikhil Marathe, who contributes to kwin. He showed the audience how easy was to write a KDE application to fetch data from twitter. That was yet another interesting thing which got lot of appreciation. I met Nikhil Marathe for the first time.

It was time to spent on localization. Yeah KDE has support of more than 53 plus languages. And Kartik Mistry described about the localization part.

In the mean while a student Vignesh along IIT Madras floks, fixed a bug for kstars. And our next session was “How easy is to fix bugs in KDE”. It was a nice experience for the audience because they were able to see how a developer/maintainer checks the patch and applies to his/her source tree. After Akarsh Simha

I got into stage to show the audience about the small bug fixes I made for KDE Plasma.

The session went on beautifully with a healthy audience. My sincere thanks goes to Madhusudan, Santhosh Vattam and Krishna who are part of KDE-India and helped us in getting stickers and posters for the KDE Booth and for the KDE POTD. They also made the session lively. So hats off dudes.

After the session we went for the dinner party.

If I had missed anyone whom I know, I met during the session please pardon me, the edit button of my blog is always open for this post to add your names.

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