Day 1

After a long release schedule at office, I decided to move on to FOSSMEET@NITC on thursday night. I reached the NIT campus on friday morning. After the breakfast I had a long sleep in the guest room. By noon, I reached their Computer Center and tried to get an internet access. I started to make my slide. I finished it by 4.30 pm. By 5.30 pm, everyone gathered for the inaugural function of FOSSMEET.

After the inaugural function it was Sasikurmar sir gave a talk about Free Software.

Day 2

I woke up with a sad news. My friend Pradeepto missed the flight to Mumbai from Kolkata and he couldn’t make to FOSSMEET@NITC. Hence I decided to conduct a BoF on KDE for students who came there. But the result was disappointing. No one came for the BoF. The day started with Jain’s scribus talk.

I decided to spent time with my friends Praveen, Jain Basil, Vivek(and others). We also celebrated Praveen’s birthday.

Vivek actually took me outside for an awesome dinner.

Day 3

Day 3 started with my talk on how to build KDE for development. Unfortunately there were not more than 3 or 4 people who knew about KDE. I was little tensed because Atul was sitting in the hall listening the talk. After my talk Atul came to deliver his talk. This was second time I was listening to Atul’s talk. It was nice to hear how he was interested in technology and lot more things. I wish students would really think about engineering seriously 🙂

After Atul’s talk I along with Unni decided to conduct a Qt workshop. I thought of giving an introductory way to create small widgets, signals and slots and things like that in C++. But again the students who were there for my Qt workshop hardly knew C++.

Well altogether I found people really liked the workshop rather than talk. And hence next time I will try to submit a workshop rather than talk.

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