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I hardly celebrate any of the festivals. This time I was in Kerala (Palakkad, my native) from 15-18 of April. 3 days I dealt with mental stress. But its ok, no one is responsible for that. Its all fate 🙂 The fourth day, i.e 18th april was the awesomest day I had. I along with my good friend Maxin decided to go to Trichur, to meet my classmate who got recently married. We weren’t able to attend his marriage. We reached Trichur by 9.45 AM. And then had breakfast from, the famous *BHARATH* hotel. I always love Trichur more than my hometown. I don’t know what is the attractive force behind it (ahm 🙂 ). After breakfast Maxin and me started thinking about the gift we should buy for our friend Neelesh, so that he would remember us. As it was sunday most of the shops were closed. I felt sad and there was hardly a chance for any other shop to be opened at my friend’s place.

We moved towards Neelesh’s place. Aah!!! There was an super market store. We got into the shop. I said a big “NO”. There was nothing interesting in the shop which could be gifted to him. We were least interested in giving up. Thought for a while, and made a decision to buy all the health drinks available in the shop. That means, Horlicks, Boost, Women Horlicks etc. We were in a hurry of buying everything we saw. Which included something for pregnant lady too 😛 We also brought a bottle of wine. After grabbing whatever we can, we moved to Neelesh’s house. He was surprised to see me and Maxin with the gift that we brought for him.

After seeing the gift, Maxin told Neelesh, “Please finish all these before it expires :P”. Even Ami(Amrutha) was shocked to see all the things we brought. Neelesh invited us for lunch. It was just when we started to eat, Neelesh told that Ami is the cook for the day. And she did by reading a recipe book. Me and Maxin started looking each other. We knew we have to go office tomorrow, hence we need to leave today. Since the food was good enough I am able to write the blog post 😛

After a good lunch. We moved to IC software. The place where I and Maxin got inroduced about GNU/Linux. Pramode sir was happy to see us and vice versa. We had lots of fun and talked a lot. Later chechi joined us. The most interesting part was I was able to see the joy and happiness on their face, which made me and Maxin talk more and more 🙂 The discussion went from technical to all sorts of jokes. We also talked about books. All together me and Maxin enjoyed the moments.

We left Pramode sir’s house by 7.40 PM. I had to catch the bus which will reach palakkad by 11.30 PM. Since Trichur town was almost ready to celebrate pooram, we had to wait longer to get a bus which will go to Trichur round. After getting down near Ragam theater we walked to Shakthan bus stand. The time was almost 8.30 PM. We found no bus to palakkad. Baah. Maxin told, “Lets move to KSRTC bus stand”. I nodded. When we reached KSRTC bus stand, I asked in the inquiry, “Sir, at what time will I get the bus to palakkad?”. He replied, “One bus is right there( which was full) and the other one was at 9.10 PM.” Ahm we have time for dinner. We went to a hotel and had our dinner. I always love the hotels in Trichur. The food in Trichur is awesome than in palakkad. Its my openion 🙂

After dinner, we came to the bus stand and decided, if the next bus comes and we won’t make it, we will make our journey little more adventurous. And it happened. We couldn’t make the journey in the bus and decided to hire a taxi. We reached palakkad by 10.40 PM. Maxin moved to Coimbatore and I moved to Bangalore from there.

Excluding the return to palakkad, it was all fun.

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Maxin B. JohnApril 19th, 2010 at 9:58 pm


It was an exciting trip for me too 🙂

After reaching Palakkad, I have decided to go to Coimbatore in a Tata Sumo shared with 7 people.
In Coimbatore Bus stand, I have witnessed the beating up of a couple of youngsters (looks like college students) by the Tamil Nadu Police at 12.00 mid-night.
After a long trip ( Kollam -> Thrissur -> Palakkad -> Coimbatore -> Salem -> Chennai), I have reached Chennai at 3.00 PM next day. One day leave and enjoyed a good sleep 🙂

sujithApril 19th, 2010 at 10:19 pm

When I reached the boarding point specified in the ticket in palakkad, I saw too many people eagerly waiting for Coimbatore bus.

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