KDE and Me

2008 FOSSMEET@NITC. It was the venue where I listened the talk on KDE from Pradeepto. He gave a cute introduction about KDE. He described about the areas where one can contribute to KDE and all. Got inspired from his talk. I was totally new to the desktop technology. I thought of starting from localization. At that time I felt localization would help me to get into KDE contribution. It was
also the time I was thinking how to contribute to FOSS and where to start with.

I searched for long time. I managed to find klettres. Klettres had kannada, telugu and hindi. But then I found my mother tongue malayalam language was missing. I started creating xml with syllable’s and recorded my sound accordingly. I submitted my first patch  to annma. She tested it and accepted. I was happy. I couldn’t describe my happiness. In 2009 FOSSMEET@NITC I met pradeepto once again. I started enjoying the KDE indian community. I also joined with Madhusudan, Shantanu and Santosh Vattam.

After 2009 FOSS Meet I wanted to prove myself, that I can try writing C++ code. Madhusudan gave me the KDE Handbook. I got inspired by seeing the photos of people who had actually contributed to KDE from India. I built KDE from trunk. After restarting the kdm, I liked plasma very much. I asked aseigo how to start with plasma. He gave me the first task to “show applications by name”. That
was my first c++ code which went to KDE trunk. Felt really amazing. Continued my contribution with quicklaunch. And I had also submitted a few one line patches too. Over all, I made some good friends in KDE. For me KDE is not just a community. Its like a family for me. Every single patch to KDE had made me happiest man on earth.

Hence my humble advice to newbies who use KDE or who don’t know where to start in KDE ,  please do attend conf.kde.in. I bet you too would get inspired from some of the awesome speakers we have for the program. Take this as an opportunity to learn and make your KDE better. At conf.kde.in you can also get your queries get cleared which you might have had in your mind while using KDE. Once again I welcome to all to the KDE community at conf.kde.in and last but not the least welcome to the world of “FREEDOM” 🙂

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Anish BhaskaranFebruary 12th, 2011 at 5:18 am

Beautiful!!! A good inspiring article.

Sujithetta njan kurachu ayi vilikkan sramikunnu. Number mariyo?

sujithFebruary 12th, 2011 at 5:36 am

Thank you. You can get my number from my blog.

Thomas M. VazhappillyJuly 31st, 2011 at 10:34 am

Great. Reached here tracing the Klettres malayalam localization page. I was collecting some good apps for my daughter who is now in play-school. Ok. Great. Used KLettres. Nice experience. Good pronunciation. But I could not key in the sounds you say in that app. I think I have to install SCIM or something like that?

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