Last week update on Calligra Active ?>

Last week update on Calligra Active

Last week was particularly awesome for me. I had lot to enjoy. Fixed one main issue of pagination which persisted in the calligraactive.  The rectangle which was passed to the ensureVisible function was wrong. Hence I spend a few hours ( I don’t bother, those were enjoyable moments for me 😛 ) It needed  the outer rectangle. After that adjusting the Y co-ordinate solved the issue of scrolling. Here is the screen shot taken by uploading a sample odt file :


Now when the user clicks the 3rd page on the left panel, it renders and shows the 3rd page properly.


This was a long time pending bug. First of all a big sorry for the users. It shouldn’t have taken this long time to fix it. My apologies. The other cool thing is that. in both the screen shot you can see  the pages which are selected are highlighted in the left panel. Isn’t it cool!!! That’s the small update I have to share.

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