Glimpse of a kontributor 2012

This blog post is about the update on second and third day of an event held at NIMHANS convention center, Bangalore, India. To be precise, I would be concentrating more over KDE. November 30 after noon began the talk with calligra. Shantanu gave a beautiful introduction to calligra. He also tried to convey the message to get help from android developers, to get calligra run on it. After Shantanu’s talk, Sebastian Kügler gave a beautiful kick off to KDE Mini conf. It was a tutorial on QML. It went good with Q&A. Audience shared their views and were interested in QML. I found some time to share my love to calligra active by cleaning up the code 😛

On the last day, 1st December, we had a KDE stall. We displayed tablet running plasma active at our stall.  There were mixed feed backs. Some users tried to compare it with android. It annoyed me a little. But they were users. And we do value user feed backs. At KDE stall, we had Sudhendu, Shantanu, Srikrishna,  Sinny  and me as promoters of KDE( Did I missed any other? If so I am extremely sorry, please append your name here!!! ). I took some snaps of people who were at our booth.

At the booth I met a guy, Yogesh. He told me that government schools in Karnataka are using Kalzium, Kstars, Kanagram and KHangMan to help students learn. He also pointed out few fixes which were required in Kanagram and KHangMan. I had noted down and will share it in irc later. I was so happy to see him getting excited with KDE’s educational packages helping students.

Later that night, we had dinner party. I joined late with my wife. We had lot of fun. For party we had Sudhendu, Sinny, Shantanu, Lydia, Sebas, me and my wife. Those were unforgettable moments for me. Sebas was nodding his head in Indian style along with music that was played in the restaurant  Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me for dinner. Hence I missed out to capture Sebas’s style of enjoying music 🙂

PS: Though I am not a good photographer, here are some of the snaps I took… snaps.

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