Calligra Sprint 2013 – Day 2 Bangalore

Today I reached Thoughtworks office at 11.10 AM(IST). I saw a tall guy walking around the security area of Thoughtworks. Yes, it’s our Gopalkrishna Bhat(gopalK). We had met and talked to each other over IRC. We waited for Shantanu to arrive. While we were having conversation, Shantanu gives a call and said will be in office within 5 mins. And we all got into the office. Yesterday evening Shantanu and me were discussing about the future of Calligra Active. Hence today we decided to discuss with our team at Essen( Linux hotel). Today Boudewijn Rempt gave a presentation which was followed up by Friedrich’s presentation on Kasten framework. After that Calligra Active team came up with discussion about future of Calligra Active. The discussion went so interesting. And came up with good approach. Why couldn’t we have a QML for calligra? So that a user can write his own QML and use Calligra’s active, stage, sheets etc. Shantanu and me were discussing that we can scale down calligra to even run with Sailfish!!! To be honest we loved the idea 🙂 Special thanks to Inge Wallin, Arjen Hiemstra and Friedrich for participating in the discussion and sharing the idea of Calligra’s QML. After the discussion shantanu started the idea of pairing and working. Shantanu, Me and Mani started working on this idea. And by the end of the day we got a premature text document getting displayed. We were able to edit it. Till now things are fine. Tomorrow we have a plan to focus on the zoom of canvas in text document. That should consume more time. Overall working will be done in a separate branch in calligra( not in the master). I had taken few snaps uploaded here. That’s it for the day.

Here is a small update. We made changes in how Calligra can be used with QML. Right below is the screenshot before editing.











And below is the screenshot after editing.









These screenshots are the output of plain QML Item to show text document. And we got editing as bonus( or side effect :P).

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SantaMarch 9th, 2013 at 4:41 pm

Thanks for this. Kinda mindblowing.

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