Calligra Sprint 2013 – Day 3 Bangalore

Today I reached Thoughtworks at 11.30 AM(IST). Shantanu, Sudhendu and Golpalk were already there at office. Calligra active team started work by implementing the zoom. And it was working properly according to our expectation. We couldn’t test it on tablet. But resizing the window was enough for us to test zooming. We had pushed our changes to active-calligratouch-shantanu branch. Initially we had a confusion on where to add the QML changes whether to libs or somewhere else. Thanks to Arjen Hiemstra and IngeInge Wallin who helped us in deciding to move to qtquick. We had moved our text document code to qtquick folder in calligra. After the changes were made, the build went fine. But there were issues with QML which needs to be fixed. We took our group photo, which is uploaded here. Overall, it was good experience for us to share ideas and try to work with core team. Personally I thank every one who had helped me or shared information which is required for Calligra Active. We also had dinner together. For dinner we missed Gopalk and Mani. After the sprint TODO’s have increased 🙂 That’s brief update I have.




















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