Feb 2013 update

I had spent good time by squashing some of the bugs which remained in plasma-mediacenter(PMC). The PMC developers are planning for their first release 1.0 in March. Most of the bugs reported have been squashed down. Some of the major fixes squashed by me were:

1) The scroll bar will move automatically to the song which is being played.

2) The “Play All” in the songs section of music will now start playing songs which gets added to the playlist.

3) PMC will now remember some of its old settings. Like fullscreen, volume level, random play in the playlist.

Some highlights of fixes done by other team members:

1) Basic support for SLC.

2) Support to browse disk which is not mounted when pmc is launched.

3) Hiding mouse pointed when video is played.

4) Seeking the video/songs using arrow keys.

5) Improvement in animation.

There are many more. For more you may have a look here. So time to conclude my post. Time to have fun and hack 🙂

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SinnyMarch 5th, 2013 at 9:11 am

Great work Sujith 🙂

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