Toaster with non git layers

This blog post is about the recent changes we made in toaster. Till previous release toaster couldn’t work with non git layers. And with the current master branch, it does. So what are the major changes which came in to achieve this feature:

1.Toaster now distinguishes import of non git layers.

This means that user can import directories cloned in their storage device to toaster. Toaster also allows users to select or clone repos for their need based on the information provided. Like layer name, sub directory name, git commit or branch name.

2. Toaster supports usage of fixtures.

User can create their custom fixtures and update/overwrite the values which are already available in the bitbake repo. User can place their custom fixtures in their build directory. The name of the file will be custom.xml. This way user can add layers which are non git or git from his storage device ( for example: hard disk )

3. Toaster UI changed for build summary for recipes & packages

User can now clearly distinguish the recipes from where they come from. That is if a recipe comes from a non git layer, then the details of layer and branch will be marked as “Not applicable”. This makes sense because for a non git layer we don’t want to confuse user 🙂 This idea is also applicable for the packages.

4. Toaster can switch between git and non git layer

User can switch from an imported layer to a non git layer. For example there can be a use case where user clones a repo. Makes some change in that layer. Now he wants to use that layer instead of the git layer which was imported by toaster. This is now possible. Similarly one can do the other way round. If he want’s to move away from non git layer and use the git layer, which is possible.

5. Toaster removes the assumption of git

Toaster code was more git centric. Now toaster doesn’t move ahead with assumption that all layers are git repos.


I would like to thank Belen, Michael, Elliot, Ed and Brian for the support provided to achieve this goal. Nothing more pops up from my brain. Looks like I emptied it 🙂

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