Hi I am Sujith H a software professional who is passionate about Free Software. I started using free software from 2003. During my free time I hack on Toaster, KDE  and my camera(Canon A720 IS).

My likes:

I love watching movies. Spent time in IRC channels, reading mails and blogs(especially planet kde, planet floss india). Enjoy weekends with my friends who are involved in Free Software movement(If I get time). I love Free software, which is and always would be my first crush.  And I love to hack on toaster and KDE. Believe me toaster and KDE communities are awesome.


My dislikes:

I guess my wife can tell better 🙂

How can I help you?

I can conduct talks / hands-on session on specific topics pertaining to my interest areas. For any such need, feel free to contact me.